Match Postponed


Peterhead 0


Forfar Athletic 0

Abandoned after 32 minutes


Peterhead manager Jim McInally believes that referee Steven Reid was placed in an impossible possible for today’s game with Forfar. The game had only been going for 32 minutes when it was called off due to the intensity of the wind with Jim saying: “We looked into getting the game cancelled on Friday. We notified the SPFL of the forecast and the potential for winds that would be over 60 miles an hour strong however there was no instruction to cancel the game. When we arrived at Balmoor there were no kids games being played on the pitch next to us and a whole lot of other local football matches had been called off.”

“It was left to the referee. We were actually playing quite well against the wind and had created a couple of good chances including a shot from Paddy Boyle that brought out a good save however the weather was in line with whatt was predicted and the referee abandoned the game.”

“It was nil-nil at the time but it feels like everyone has lost and that is not the referee’s fault as he was placed in a difficult situation. Our fans have had a wasted afternoon, the club has lost out as it will need to look after its corporate guests, Forfar have incurred expenses and the Forfar fans have made a long, long journey for 30 minutes of football. They now have a horrible journey home.”


Fleming, Ferguson, Eadie, Hooper, Boyle, Ferry, Brown, Smith, Leitch, Cook, Lyle

Unused substitutes

Brown, McCarthy, Fraser, Dimov, Conroy, Boyd, Wilson (G/k)


Date Time League Season
February 8, 2020 Canceled Scottish League One 2019/20


Balmoor Stadium